new swimmer

Our minimum requirement is that you can swim 4 lengths (100 yards) of the pool, non-stop, with good side breathing.

The majority of our swimmers swim for fitness. Some like to compete and some swim to train for triathlons. Our swimmers come from a variety of swimming backgrounds, some swam in college, some in high school, and many picked up the sport as an adult. Our goal as a team is to provide you with exercise,  good swimming technique, and for you to have fun swimming, for the next 50 years!

To get started: You can just come on by. When you arrive just tell the front desk person you are here for the Masters workout.

Arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork. You will need to fill out a United States Masters Swimming registration form for insurance purposes. If you are already registered with Masters Swimming just bring your card or your current number.

If you are new to our program you can try it out for one week at no charge. It is important to find the right fit for you. Time, location, the workout and the social group are all important considerations for an adult. Once you decide to join, you will need to visit and join them. IF you are already of member of USMS, you will then change your workout group to NEO.

To the pool you go:  You do not need to pay at the front desk of the pool – just tell them you are with the master’s group. You will need a pull buoy and kick board. If you need help finding these, or knowing what they are just ask the lifeguard or any of the other swimmers loitering around. They are wonderful “know it alls”! The pool provides kickboards and pull buoys. If you have your own equipment you are welcome to bring it.

The Coach: Our coach is usually on deck before 6:30. The coach will help you figure out what lane to swim in for your speed. Our lanes are continually fluctuating to adapt to the number of swimmers at practice that day, so be ready to move.

Our coaches are interactive and are constantly involved in the workout. If you have any questions, ask your coach or your lane-mates.

You are done: The hour will go by fast. We will challenge you mentally and physically. Stay hydrated and stretched. We want you to come back and swim with us, either for fitness or in competition. We also invite you to take part in our social events. To be on our email list be sure the coach gives your information to our email coordinator.